Words can not describe : Attaining the Salvation

"Join AaMoksha to practically approach the pure witness beyond this world, body, mind & soul ..." by a Corporate Monk‚Äč 


It is so relaxing, soothing and enriching experience. I loved it. It has changed me for good immediately. I was not feeling any anxiety about my teenage kids or office work. Lucky to attend AaMoksha Essence

For your Spiritual, Personal & Professional Growth

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Must do - AaMoksha Essence Program 

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Amazing setup to go into tranquility and peace immediately. I love going this place again and again. I highly recommend AaMoksha Essence and Meditations Programs


It was amazing experience to attend AaMoksha Essence 1.5 days weekend program. I was surprised the way they do this program, totally engaged - with God and peace, now. 

Radical but entertaining way to understand & implement spirituality

AaMoksha helps
Spiritual seekers; those are actively searching the meaning and purpose of this life. Meet God. 
Individual; to deal with corporate challenges and materialistic issues

Corporate; to engage their human assets with greater distinctions and value